Websites for Pediatric Clinics

Client: Urgent Care For Kids

During early talks with the Urgent Care For Kids and Children’s Urgent Care team, I found out they needed different content and even different branding on two different websites, but they didn’t want to go through the design and coding process twice, and they didn’t want to update two sets of designs

One set of website code to power two (or more) websites at different web addresses with different content. No problem. We decided on the WordPress Multisite approach after talking to the Urgent Care For Kids and Children’s Urgent Care team. They are a fast growing after hours pediatric urgent care network with 11 urgent care centers in two states.

My team and I had a great time working on this project. The client wanted a website design that spoke to the children they were serving while also offering good usability and awesome Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the people using the website – the parents. After all, when a kid is sick or hurt, no one has patience for not finding the right information right away. And every time they contact us to add another location or service, we smile knowing they’re growing and helping more people.

  • Designed and customized a WordPress Multisite theme to run two (or more) different websites with different content and different domain names using the same shared backend codebase, allowing for faster updates and better brand cohesion
  • based Structured Data for each location with key location information, contact information, review data and opening hours to send accurate location information to search engines like Google and to increase search engine click through rate by adding review data directly into search engine results
  • Custom PHP script to actively display when each of 11 locations is open or closed so patients know before they go
  • Internal Advanced Custom Fields setup to store contact information, opening hours social review data about each location so that changes only happen in one place and are reflected immediately everywhere on the site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for page headlines, body content, image names and metadata, page titles and page descriptions